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The Flipnote Frog Flipnote Frog Icon is the mascot for Flipnote Studio (orange) and Flipnote Hatena (green).

The Flipnote Hatena frog.


Flipnote StudioEdit

  • On the icon on the DSi menu.
  • On the main menu's top screen. If there is an error like low memory, a small frog will appear from the left and give the message.
  • When saving a Flipnote or connecting to Hatena, there is a dancing frog.
  • There is another frog on the Main Menu. If you tap this, you are sent to edit your most recently edited Flipnote.
  • When editing a Flipnote, there is a frog in the bottom left, which, if tapped, will bring up the menu.
  • If the user sets a reminder, a frog with a flashing ! above its head will appear on the main menu on top of a message saying "New reminders found! [Number of unread reminders] not viewed."

Flipnote HatenaEdit

  • On entering Flipnote Hatena, there are two giant green frogs on the top screen.
  • There is a frog on the Creator's room button.
  • There is a frog on Flipnote Citizen badges.
  • When posting a comment or flipnote, there is a dancing frog.
  • There is a frog in the bottom right that dances when loading.


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